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Investment focus

We look for long-term investment opportunities in innovative, small to mid-sized companies (3-30 Mil. € in annual revenue). Our focus is on technology-focused companies in the field of: Machine Engineering, Steel / metal / aluminium processing, Electrical engineering / Electronics, Clean tech / Green tech, Automatisation / Digitalisation / Robotics, E-Mobility.

KKL Invest focuses on specialised and innovative small to mid-sized companies.

Length of investmentlong term
Investment shareMajority stake – Minimum 51%
Investment occasionsCompany spin-off
International expansion
Need for automation/digitalisation
Scale up
Target size of investmentCompanies with 3 - 30 Mil. € in revenue per annum
Industry investment focusMachine Engineering
Steel / metal / aluminium processing
Electrical engineering / Electronics
Clean tech / Green tech
Automatisation / Digitalisation / Robotics