Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions

Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions, based in Wohlen/Switzerland, is an SME, which was founded in 1962 and has been managed since 2005 as a 100% subsidiary of D.W. Renzmann Apparatebau GmbH in Monzingen/Germany.

One of our core tasks is the procurement of spare parts for the cleaning machines developed by Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions over the last 60 years and built with "Swiss quality"  We also provide our well-known customers in the industrial sectors of printing inks, paints and varnishes, chemicals, food and cosmetics, after-sales services (revisions, conversions, retrofits, etc.).  Thanks to our many years of experience with various cleaning systems, we can offer our customers the best possible support and advise them competently and reliably on questions and problems. For special needs (e.B. ATEX), we can fall back on the high level of expertise of our parent company.


Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions
Schützenmattweg 33
5610 Wohlen

Tel.: +41 (0) 56 618 64 64